Professional Organizing by Order Is Restored

Order Is Restored, LLC was founded in 2008, and provides clients with a personal approach to separating order from chaos.  From single spaces to entire estates, Order Is Restored offers professional residential organizing services to help you reclaim your space.

Organizing and De-Cluttering Homes in Rochester Hills, Troy, and Birmingham Michigan since 2008

We all hold on to things we no longer need or use.  Order Is Restored LLC can sort it out and take care of discarded items for you. We can help you figure out what to keep, where to put it and what to do with everything else.

Here’s how it works:

We schedule one or two days per week to work together. We sort your things and decide which to keep and where to put them. I can donate usable discards to a local charity for you or schedule a pick up. I recycle whenever possible and I organize what's left to make it easy to find and easy to store.

  • Containers and supplies are extra.
  • Our rate is hourly and will be quoted based on the project
  • We accept cash, check and credit cards

    American Express


We simplify your life and create new space though organizing, decluttering, recycling, and providing storage solutions!

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Amy Blatt

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"My daughter had saved everything since she was five, and every nook and cranny was full... I didn’t know where to start. Amy was a godsend. She was efficient, organized and easy to work with in helping us decide what to keep, where to put it and how to store it.


I would strongly recommend Order is Restored to anyone.” 
- D. Carrier


No motion wasted! I owe my daughter a debt of gratitude for finding Amy! Together we cleared out years worth of clutter from my office and had fun in the process.” 
- Richard D.


Until Amy of Order is Restored helped me to establish order in my art studio after a long-distance move, every time I walked into the room, I had to choose between creating order and creating art. With Amy's professional help and cheerful nature, I can now enjoy my space for the purpose it was meant!” 
- Bonnie G.